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Hi I'm Paris. I come from Troy.

—Paris (Pilot Episode)

Paris is The Innocent Mortal Student of Gods' School. 🍎

The mortal student who's on an exchange at Gods' School. Paris is from Troy. Being human is not his only "tare", he is also the "New Kid".



Paris is naive and innocent but he has playfulness and a huge human heart which will allow him to overcome all the challenges on Mount Olympus even if he is just a mortal. He is continually awed by his new surroundings and he's constantly embarrassed by his all-too-human bodily quirks.


Paris is a young human with black hair, tan skin-tone, and purple eyes. He is wearing a simplified mint-green Trojan outfit that comes with a purple belt with a pink pattern, and his pink helmet.



  • Cassandra (Sister)
  • Hector (Brother)
  • Deiphobus (Brother)
  • Helenus (Brother)
  • Polyxena (Sister)
  • Iliona (Sister)

Love Interest

  • Eris - He is fond of Eris even if he doesn't always understand her. After all, she is the first one who has completely welcomed and accepted him.


Memorable Lines

Season 1

  • "I... I feel sick... I've never been up this high before I guess..."


  • He is the first mortal introduced in the series.
  • In mythology, Paris is the son of King Priamo and Queen Hecuba, he is best known for causing the Trojan War with his lover Helen of Sparta.