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Nyx is the Primordial Goddess of Night. 🌌

In the Extreme West, beyond the country of Atlas, was the palace of the Goddess Nyx. The family temple was cold, austere and magnificent at the same time; plunged in darkness and covered with mist. The perfect place for the divinity of the Night. Among the goddess Nyx, it is night even in full day. “The Proud Sun”, as she calls it, never dares to venture there and every evening Nyx extends her veils on the cosmos to spread the night.



(Despite her divine appearance and functions, Nyx is a caring mother who faces much concern for the future of her older daughter Eris) so they say but in episode 3 it is seen thet she wants revenge and has frozen heart


She's got curly hair, black, like dark as night, with stars in her, eyes like scury. She wears a chiton that has dark purple and light purple colors. It has a light blue leather shade and shoulder cushions with a dark purple jewel in the middle, a green that surrounds it and metal for the rest. She has bright yellow eyes and blue in the middle and a starry ring hanging over her head.



Hemera and Nyx are sisters although what they represent is very different from the other.


Eris is Nyx's daughter.


Eos is Nyx's niece.


  • Not much is known about her which is obvious.
  • Short clips featuring Nyx in her chariot can be found on the GODs’ School Instagram page.