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Nymphs are mystical nature spirits. Those associated with water called nereids, while nymphs of the trees are known as dryads. They are commonly seen in rivers and forests and sometimes the school. Their freedom sets them apart from the other divine students.



Nymphs are very shy, asocial and sometimes eccentric. Their excessive love of freedom distinguishes them from the other divine students. They are beloved by many boys but they generally stay away from the other gods and goddesses.


Both the dryads and nereids have long hair, along with tops and miniskirts. While the water spirits are turquoise blue, the tree nymphs are chlorophyll green.



Persephone likes to bond with the nymphs, seeing as she is a nature goddess.


Artemis hangs out a lot with the Naiads. She likes their spirit of freedom.


Apollo likes the Naiads, probably because of their beauty.

Known Nymphs

  • Khelone (Dryad): The one in the shell.
  • Daphne (Dryad): The one with branches in her hair. 
  • Echo (Drayd): The one sleeping.
  • Acantha (Drayd): 
  • Amphitrite (Nereid): The one with pink roses in her hair.
  • Castalia (Nereid): 
  • Tethis (Nereid): The one with the head against the rock.
  • Lysianassa (Nereid): The one with a white/blue shell in the hair
  • Minthe (Naiad): The nymph with a crown made of mint leaves. 

The only one currently know naiad - Minthe


  • Amphitrite is the most popular among the nymphs.
  • All nereids and Naiads are sisters.
  • They have their own language that nobody can understand.
  • Nereids turn into water when they get nervous and Naiads turn into plants when they are nervous.