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Yeah, I was busy...

—Medusa talking to Eris

Medusa is a snake-haired monster whose eyes can turn people into solid stone. Due to this, she keeps her eyelids closed, causing her to be blind.



Medusa is shown to be strange and a bit unsettling. She collects humans and keeps them as her statues.


She has a green complexion and has snakes as her hair. She wears a maroon dress paired with golden accessories.

Powers & Abilities

Medusa has the ability to turn anyone who gazes into her eyes into stone. It is unknown if the petrification magic wears off and it doesn’t seem to affect immortals like gods.


Medusa comes from Sarpedon. She grew up on Earth and was treated like a monster. She kept an aversion to mortals, especially heroes, but she loves to collect them to perfect her sculpting skills.

In the ancient myths, Medusa's reason for being a monster was because she was cursed by the vengeful Athena. These stories describe her powers of turning beings into stone statues.



  • Eris - She shares the same room with Eris.
  • Sfiga - Alongside Eris, Sfiga is also her roommate.


  • She is the first character who is known to being blind.
  • Medusa is the best sculptor on Olympus.