GODs' School Wiki

Season 1

"What are we? Minor Goddesses?!"

In the Pilot Episode, Hera is on the campus with Athena & Aphrodite while drinking her favorite nectar frappe. Hermes then enters the room and announced Kronos' message about an exchange program and welcome a human student. This made Athena and Aphrodite excited, but Hera ranted that mortals can't be heroes and that Athena shouldn't associate with a mortal and reminds them that they are not minor Goddesses.

"My precious thunder!"

As the Olympian team enters the room, Hera ran towards her boyfriend Zeus and hugged him and says "My precious thunder!" and Zeus replies with "My beloved peacock!" after this, they had a short conversation then Zeus leaves for a game with his team.

Hera's hair being cut by the disk

Eris enters the room right after the disk flies in-front of her. Eris threw the disk and it unexpectedly went straight to her hair. This made a huge amount of her hair to be cut, which made her very angry, even though her hair grew back instantly, and called Eris a sneaky cruel unbearable monster and asked Eris how could someone like Eris be one of them. Later on the episode, she can be seen in the Welcoming Ceremony next to Zeus.