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What are we? Minor Goddesses?

—-Hera (Pilot Episode)

Hera (Ήρα) is the goddess of marriage and family. She is the queen of the gods. Hera is also the head of cheerleaders and the welcoming committee.



Hera is very popular, and is loved by all. Her attitude could be a problem, though. Deep inside Hera is envious and jealous, but still has a heart for those who she loves. Hera is the most popular student at school, only tied with Zeus. Anyone who opposes her opposes all the gods.


Hera is a light skinned teenager with orange hair styled in a crown-like design, and aqua green eyes. She wears an aqua green dress with gold trim, gold peacock-shaped earrings, a feather-shaped arm bracelet on her right bicep, and gold sandals.

In Episode 3, Hera wears a gold tiara on her head, round gold earrings, a gold top with a silky blue cape on her back, a blue skirt with a train, and gold sandals.


Love Interest

  • Zeus - Hera's boyfriend. They are never far from each other, even though their relationship is sometimes stormy. Turns out, Zeus really loves his whimsical goddess.

Best Friends

  • Athena - When Hermes announced that a mortal will be welcomed in Mount Olympus, Athena became excited but Hera implied the mortals can't be heroes and that they shouldn't associate with one because they're not minor Goddesses.
  • Aphrodite - Aphrodite is also Hera's best-friend.


  • Eris - They are not getting along well together. Eris accidentally cut Hera's hair by throwing a flying disk. It made Hera mad and call Eris a sneaky cruel unbearable monster.

Memorable Lines

Season 1

  • "What are we? Minor Goddesses?!"
  • "My precious thunder!"


  • Nothing relaxes her more than a drink of nectar frappe.
  • Hera is not into art or creativity.