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Hades is The Teen God of the Underworld. 💘

He is always behind Zeus and Poseidon. He's nonchalant, he's often distracted, and always a step behind others.



Hades doesn't talk much, he is quiet about everything, specially his feelings.


Hades is a young god with tan skin, black hair, and hazel eyes, although his eyes has a yellow-colored glow.

Powers & Abilities

Hades has the ability to traverse to and from the Underworld. He also possesses the Cap of Invisibility, which allows him to turn invisible when wearing it.


Love Interests

  • Persephone - meeting with the sensitive and popular Hades will create tensions between Persephone and Demeter, but will allow Persephone to discover her divine role and turn into a majestic Princess of the Underworld. They are in a secret relationship with each other, but Hades wants to confess his feelings to her, while Persephone is afraid of publicly pursuing one another and avoids him, but this is due to Hades's jealous ex-lover Minthe's doing.
  • Minthe - The two of them were former lovers. She is obviously not over him and is extremely jealous of his and Persephone's feelings for one another.

Best Friends


  • It was revealed that Hades and Persephone will almost have a kissing scene in the series but it will not happen because someone catch them before they do it.