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"I just want to find my way as a goddess, but nobody accepts me for who I am... Argh, this is killing me!"

—Eris (Pilot Episode)

Eris (Έριδα) is the teen goddess of strife and discord. She is the main protagonist of Gods School. Eris is the daughter of Nyx, the primordial Goddess of the Night.



Eris is chaotic and unpredictable. She has a short temper and is often the one who speaks out the most. But Eris is actually friendly and nice inside, and only wants to fit in.


Eris is a tan skinned teenager with dark purple hair held back by a black headband, and golden eyes. She wears a black one-shoulder dress with a golden apple pin and gold trim, a purple and gold arm bracelet on her right bicep, and dark purple sandals.



  • Nyx (Mother) - She is a caring mother who worries a lot about the future of her eldest daughter Eris.
  • Hemera (Aunt)
  • Eos (Cousin)

Love Interest

  • Paris - On her way to the Welcoming Ceremony, Eris accidentally bumped into Paris and becomes "friends" with him.

Best Friend

  • Sfiga - She is Eris' best friend and roomate who is a sphinx. She is nicknamed "Hairball" by Eris.


  • Medusa - Aside from Sfiga, Medusa is also Eris' roommate.
  • Athena - While their friendship is not yet made clear, Eris appears to get along well with Athena especially after the two of them discuss the incident about Paris.


  • Caryatids Sisters - Eris and Sfiga despise the Caryatids Sisters for saying bad things to Eris.
  • Hera - They are not getting along together. On the first day of school, Eris accidentally cut Hera's hair by throwing a frisbee. Her hair grew back instantly, but she still threw a temper.

Memorable Lines

Episode 1: Pilot Episode

  • "You shrewish rocks!"
  • "I don't want to be popular, I don't want to be like Hera. I will never be a perfect little Goddess!"
  • "Whatever!"
  • "I just want to find my way as a goddess, but nobody accepts me for who I am... Argh, this is killing me!"
  • "Paris? Well, if you need any help with finding a hiding place, let me know! I'm an expert in that department."


  • She is one of the first characters who made their debut in the first trailer of Gods' School.