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Name Of Student Sex Title Short Description
Eris F Teen Goddess of Strife & Discord 🍏 Eris is known to being intelligent, divine, and vindicate. She is a chaotic teen but her meeting a mortal and a simple apple will change her destiny.
Hera F Teen Goddess of Marriage πŸ’ Hera is envious and jealous, but has a heart. She is named the 'Queen Bee'. She is the head of cheerleaders and the welcoming committee. And nothing relaxes her more than a drink of nectar frappe.
Sfiga F Sfiga The Sphinx Sfiga is very happy to be a quadrupede and soon she will be able to fly. Nothing scares her except Cerberus the three-headed puppy.
Zeus M Teen God of the Skies & Lightning ⚑ Zeus is the ideal young god. He is born a leader and loved by everyone. The girls sworn on the school's marble floor when he walks by. He is perfect.
Poseidon M Teen God of the Sea 🌊 Poseidon has a trident and he can control the seas, which could be pretty cool if he wasn't so hyperactive and foolish. His positive nature means he goes from one extreme to the other.
Athena F Teen Goddess of Wisdom πŸ•ŠοΈ Athena is a curious and a pragmatic teen fascinated by mortals and strategy. Behind her cute facade, she is hiding a true warrior that no one can defeat.
Aphrodite F Teen Goddess of Love & Beauty πŸ’• Aphrodite is a shy, dreamy, and an introverted teen. who is insecure about her looks and has no idea what power her beauty has over others.
Hades M Teen God of the Underworld πŸ”₯ Hades is always behind Zeus and Poseidon. He's nonchalant but not retarded, he's often distracted, and always a step behind others.
Persephone F Teen Goddess of Spring 🌸 Persephone is a discrete teen goddess who loves nature and flowers, and pomegranates.
Demeter F Teen Goddess of Harvest & Agriculture.🌱 Demeter loves poppies and wheat, she helps the crops to grow but living things stop growing and die depending on her emotions.
Artemis F Teen Goddess of Moon & Hunt 🏹 Artemis is labeled as the "pretty tomboy" and her hobby includes hunting.
Apollo M Teen God of the Sun 🌞 Apollo's talent is playing his lyre and music through disk jockeying. He is always there for her sister Artemis, his love for someone will not fade away so easily.
Paris M Paris of Troy 🍎 Paris is naive and innocent but he has playfulness and a huge human heart which will allow him to overcome all the challenges on Mount Olympus even if he is just a mortal.
Medusa F Medusa the Gorgon 🐍 Medusa is blind but she can petrify you by a single glance. Her hair is actually snakes, which guides her in doing things. She is in fact a "fashion addict".
Ares M Teen God of War πŸ›‘ Ares is a bully. He’s lout and not particularly smart. He is always ready for a fight and only Aphrodite can calm him down.
Hephaestus M Teen God of Metallurgy πŸ—‘ Hephaestus is a clumsy and kind young god. He limps a little and has a low self-esteem but he is an extraordinary blacksmith, he creates divine equipment and magical objects.
Amphitrite F Amphitrite the Nereid πŸ’§ She is very shy and asocial. Her excessive love of freedom distinguishes her from the other divine students. She has the ability turn into water when she gets nervous.
Dionysus M Teen God of Wine & Theater 🍷 Dionysus is the smallest teen god. He is also the first character in the series that can be seen drinking something.
Hestia F Teen Goddess of the Hearth & Family πŸ‘ͺ She is Zeus’s big sister, the first born of the almighty Kronos and a senior student on Mount Olympus.
Nike F Winged Goddess of Victory 🌟 Nike is the first winged goddess in the series. She is trust-worthy and generous. She would lose her wings for the people she loves, specially for her best friend Athena.
Hermes M Teen God of Speed (Messenger God) πŸ’¬ Hermes is someone who constantly spreads rumors and gossips, causing unending dramas has a message for the divine students of Gods' School.
Hecate F Teen Goddess of Witchcraft & Crossroads 🌌 Hecate's powers grow during the dark phase of the Moon and she has the ability to see in several directions at once, which is very convenient.
Eos F Teen Goddess of Dawn πŸŒ… Eos is fond of grasshoppers. She has one and named it Tithonus.
Iris F Teen Goddess of the Rainbow 🌈 Iris is a messenger and the personification of rainbows. She travels with the speed of wind. She never takes sides in disputes between the gods.
Khione F Teen Goddess of Snow ❄️ Khione is an innocent girl, lonely and mute. She suffers from the heat and wanders over the highest summits of Olympus. But she still dreams of a snow-covered cosmos where she could shine bright like her snowflakes.
Tyche F Teen Goddess of Luck, Chance & Fortune ☘️ She is blind and is a precious goddess worshiped and adored by Mortals in every city. This idolization creates jealousy and freaks her out.
Hygieia F Teen Goddess of Health 🏺 Hygieia is a very creative girl who loves the study of mortals. She has the power to heal any living being with her divine chalice. But she is not allowed to bring back life to humans or animals without the approval of the fates.
Morpheus M Teen God of Dreams πŸ’€ Morpheus is always sleepy which makes sense since he is the god of dreams.
Eirene F Teen Goddess of Peace Eirene is a background character of God's School and not much is known about her so-far.
Minthe F Minthe the Naiad. 🌿 She is a jealous and perfumed nymph.Just like the Dryads, she can also transform herself into a plant and she has a light mint scent.
Cassandra F The Princess of Troy Cassandra is a very intuitive young princess. She is both gifted and cursed. Her family consider her insane and she remains behind the walls of Iliad.